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Grow your industry know-how

As a global top management consultancy focusing on digital transformation, our consultants work in tight-knit teams. Comprising a wealth of expertise and understanding of markets, competitors, and clients, along with extensive business know-how, our teams bring a wide range of skills and experience to every project. As thought-leaders, our comprehensive strategic and operational solutions play a key role in driving the future of businesses worldwide.

To support and to advance our clients’ strategies and operational solutions, we research and track competitor activities across markets and turn our findings into studies and implementation concepts. To ensure our people have the deep insight and exposure they need to stay ahead of the curve, we provide an inspiring program of talks and training sessions throughout the year. Given by leading industry experts, they focus on current challenges and key market and technology trends. We also have an intensive training and development program with academic exchanges between leading universities and research institutes and visits to some of the world’s biggest and most efficient factories. Discover some of the challenges of tomorrow that we are answering today.

Our expertise

Hone your expertise in our practices

A big part of our role involves developing new consulting methodologies and expertise, and building upon existing practices and knowledge. Our main goal is to drive excellence and deliver world-class solutions, and we treat every project as an opportunity to learn and innovate, taking what has worked well and using it to drive our clients forward. We develop sophisticated methods and tools that enrich the information available to us. This gives us a comprehensive foundation for making decisions. Discover how we use our expertise to approach the questions of tomorrow.

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Our mission

Unlocking the digital future

Siemens Advanta Consulting is the global management consultancy for one of the world’s most innovative engineering and technology companies. We navigate companies through their unique digitalization journey – from strategy to operations. Our mission is to transform our clients’ future and to develop the talent of today into the business leaders and experts of tomorrow.

Who we are

Founded in 1996 as the first inhouse consultancy in Europe, we have been known for many years as Siemens Management Consulting (SMC). We have significantly shaped the success story of Siemens, being the consulting partner of choice for its own digital transformation. By becoming part of the powerhouse Siemens Advanta, we expand our consulting services beyond Siemens to focus today on full end-to-end digitalization services.


As Siemens Advanta Consulting, we empower clients to build their digital future. With headquarters in Munich, Germany, and offices in America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, we combine local and global expertise to ensure we are always right beside you as you transform your business. 


Siemens Advanta Consulting is part of the powerhouse Siemens Advanta, which was founded 2019. Siemens Advanta is part of the Siemens AG and combines consulting capabilities with the expertise of more than 8500 solution engineers and developers. This allows us to offer a unique service portfolio ranging from strategy definition and the development of new business models to design & prototyping, platform solutions and data services, software and application development, implementation, and operations. 



What we do

We enable our clients to build their digital future. Our 500 future-focused consultants draw on time-tested expertise and experience to help them to refine their vision, set clear priorities and choose the right strategy to lead their business to success in this digital era. With our holistic consulting approach, we work alongside with our clients from strategy development to implementation.


Digital transformation demands an interconnected approach, bringing together business & portfolio, people & organizations, operations & processes and digital technologies. Our experience is grown from our own and Siemens’ digitalization journey as well as having served many other technology companies on their transformation path. This is how we create long-lasting value for businesses.

Our stories

Discover our stories

Meet the thinkers and makers helping businesses worldwide to build a successful future. Experience personal stories from gifted newcomers at Siemens Advanta Consulting, inspirational leaders and successful alumni.

We believe in asking questions, and then answering them

Do you have a question about working with Siemens Advanta Consulting? You’ll find all the information you need below.

Siemens Advanta Consulting is the global management consultancy for one of the world’s most innovative engineering and technology companies and its customers. Our role is to prepare our clients as best we can for future market developments, social changes, and the challenges of global competition. As forward thinkers, we work across the whole spectrum of the business, providing worldwide support from our locations across the world.

We’re proud to say we’ve helped transform Siemens into one of the world’s top technology companies, while establishing the Group as a leading provider of pioneering technology products and solutions.

A key criterion when choosing a management consulting firm is the quality of its implementation skills. In order to develop pioneering strategies that are also practical and feasible, we need to have a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs, which we can then translate into specific actions and recommendations.

Thanks to our comprehensive network across the technology sector, we have built up wide-ranging and in-depth expertise across every area of the sector. The success of our projects and the resulting success of our clients are of equal importance to us.


Our consulting services are focused on our clients and their stakeholders. We use methodologies and best practice experience to solve critical business challenges, boosting our clients’ competitive advantage.


As you gain experience, you’ll have the opportunity to build up an extensive and valuable network among top-level management, and many of our top consultants develop later into leadership positions or expert roles.

We cover all areas you’d expect to see at a top-level management consultancy focusing on digital transformation, such as factory and supply chain management, R&D transformation, sustainability, customer centricity, data analytics, and large-scale digital transformation.


Our consultants work across various industries like automotive & new mobility, industrial goods, life sciences, and energy. That way, they get familiar with many different industries. Together, we deliver high-impact results that help our clients gain a long-term competitive advantage in the digital age.

With our offices across the world and a global client base, there are opportunities to apply your expertise in almost every country in the world. In fact, every third project is located abroad. Our global pool of skills and experience allows us to create international solutions to some of today’s most complex challenges.


You’re working Monday through Friday, either onsite with your team or remotely. For all projects abroad, you’ll be given the opportunity to fly home regularly. 


If you’re looking for a world of opportunities, Siemens Advanta Consulting is for you.




Our Events

Your future starts here

Our team will be at events all over the world looking for bright candidates to help make real what matters. If you’re interested in working with some of the biggest talents in worldwide management consulting, get in touch to find out where we’ll be next.