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Dominik Knoblich, Senior Consultant at Siemens Advanta Consulting
Culture story: Dominik Knoblich

Meet the brilliant mind tackling today’s big challenges

Dominik is a natural explorer and a curious mind. He doesn’t give up easily, and worked hard to find the perfect place to grow his skills and know-how. At Siemens Advanta Consulting he uses his expertise in physics, information technology, engineering and business to address some of today’s most challenging topics: fighting climate change, driving sustainability and boosting renewable energy.

Dominik grew up in the countryside just outside of Munich. As a young boy, his curiosity drove him to discover his immediate surroundings, and as he grew older, he started exploring the world on numerous travels. His open mind and passion for exploration also shaped his education: “I wanted to know all about mechanical engineering and physics. But I was also curious about the business side of things.” He found a university course that matched his diverse interests: Business Information Systems at the Technical University in Munich. “That was a perfect combination for me. It covers economics, computer sciences, engineering and mathematics.” 


Early on during his studies, Dominik decided to find a career that would let him apply and grow his complex skill set. When discussing possible careers with his fellow students, he came across consulting: “It offers such a wide range of challenging topics. It seemed perfect for my educational background.” He decided to explore his options – and took three consulting internships in a row. During his first internship, he worked on consulting projects in the IT sector, during the second one his projects focused on banking, and then he joined Siemens Advanta Consulting for his third internship. 



The right place for a curious mind


His internship at Siemens Advanta Consulting was a turning point in his career: “It was really eye-opening – I learned a lot. It was challenging, but a lot of fun. In the end, I didn’t apply anywhere else.” He had found the place where his skills came together: “I knew that I wanted to work as a strategy consultant in the technology sector. I found everything I was looking for at Siemens Advanta Consulting.”


In 2016, after he finished his Master of Science in Business Information Systems, he joined Siemens Advanta Consulting full-time and kick-started his career as a Consultant. “Right from the beginning, I worked with some of our most senior clients. It was tough at first, but it helped me grow quickly. I could apply my knowledge and the clients really appreciated my work.”


Right from the beginning, I worked with some of our most senior clients.
Dominik Knoblich

Driving sustainability


Since he joined Siemens Advanta Consulting, Dominik has become deeply involved in sustainability topics. “We are working on different megatrends, and climate change is really important to us. We’re trying to answer big questions: How do we transform Germany’s energy system? How do we succeed in our decarbonization efforts?” Dominik believes that digitalization is crucial: “It plays a vital role in fighting climate change. Today, we can create a digital model of the energy grid and predict how it will work in the future. This helps us a lot when planning large energy projects.”


But it wasn’t just the content of his projects that boosted his development. It was also the way he worked: highly independent. “From the beginning, I had a lot of responsibility, and I learned a lot.” That helped him build strong relationships with his clients, who are often also his colleagues: “It’s a lot about trust. I listen very closely to my senior clients. And they know that if I recommend something, it’s because I honestly believe it’s best for them. I want to be a trusted advisor to my clients.”   

Discovering new cultures


At Siemens Advanta Consulting, Dominik still follows his life-long passion for exploring the world: “I’m traveling a lot. I absolutely enjoy it. It can be demanding, but I find it exciting: you could have dinner with your clients in Saudi Arabia, and the next morning, you’re having coffee with your client in Germany. It’s a fascinating lifestyle. There’s no typical day. I find that inspiring.”


Working in a truly global company also helps him to understand other working cultures: “In Germany, we do lot via email or phone. In Saudi Arabia, it’s important to meet your client directly. You discuss things in person, you sit side by side and work together.”   



Working towards a cleaner, greener future


“I think climate change and sustainability are topics that every strategy consultant should have worked on at least once in her/his career. They’re two of the most important questions of our age. That’s why I’m willing to spend a lot of my time on it.” Every day, he is inspired by the work he does at Siemens Advanta Consulting: “I can see the impact of our projects. We’re developing strategies for some of our clients’ biggest business challenges and realize them. And companies like Siemens has the power to shape businesses, technologies and societies around the world. I feel like I’m not just doing my job, I’m also doing the right thing.” 

It’s a fascinating lifestyle. There’s no typical day. I find that inspiring.
Dominik Knoblich
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