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As the global management consultancy of Siemens and its customers, our consultants work in tight-knit Client Service Teams.


Comprising a wealth of expertise and understanding of Siemens divisions, competitors, customers and markets, along with extensive business know-how and experience, our CSTs bring a wide range of skills and experience to each and every project.


We are forward thinkers and networkers, and our comprehensive strategic and operational solutions play a key role in driving the future of businesses in the whole world. To support and to advance our clients’ strategies and operational solutions, we research and track competitor activities across markets and turn our findings into studies and implementation concepts.


To ensure our people have the deep insight and exposure they need to stay ahead of the curve, we provide an inspiring program of talks and training sessions throughout the year. Given by leading industry experts, they focus on current challenges and key market and technology trends.


We also have an intensive training and development program, with academic exchanges between leading universities and research institutes, and visits to some of the world’s biggest and most efficient factories.


Discover some of the challenges of tomorrow that our CSTs are answering today.



  • What will the world’s energy mix be in 30 years?

  • In the energy industry, what will the future business models be?

  • What is the global energy system of the future and how will it play out across geographies?

  • What disruptive technologies are there in the energy arena?

  • How can we help to decarbonize the planet?


Combining outside market and competitor intelligence with a profound understanding of our clients’ capabilities, strengths and strategies in the area of energy and renewables, we work with our clients to answer long-term strategic questions as well as operational questions.


Our projects have included major Siemens integrations in the energy arena, including the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Energy, the merger of Siemens Energy units with Dresser-Rand Oil + Gas, and the formation of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.



  • What will the future of automation look like?
  • What are the requirements and opportunities of Industry 4.0?
  • How will robotics change the automation market?
  • How can automation meet the needs of different industries and applications?
  • What will a company's automation portfolio and setup look like in the future?


As an internal think tank for Industry 4.0 and beyond, we’re responsible for driving digitalization in the industrial environment (including digital services and software), as well as defining new business models for future manufacturing and processing technologies.


We have long-standing strategic expertise in fields like digital transformation, business development, innovation, M&A and benchmarking. In addition, we use our Operations know-how in the areas customer value co-creation and business model innovation as well as supply chain management and agile development.



  • How will urbanization and other trends influence the needs of our cities?
  • What does the future of global transportation look like?
  • How can we provide efficient solutions for the cities of different regions?
  • How will digitalization affect transportation products and services?
  • What will global transportation and infrastructure look like in the future and what can companies contribute?


From using game theories to unpack competitor moves to evaluating the strategic implications of autonomous vehicles on our clients’ businesses, our insights are influencing the agenda of key decision makers.


Our recent projects encompass everything from general strategy development (e.g., connected (e)mobility strategy) via M&A types of projects (e.g., the merger of two train business units) to more operational topics (e.g., the optimization of factory load). 



  • What are the needs of healthcare payers, providers and patients?
  • How do the healthcare systems of different regions influence specific products and services?
  • What’s the role of the digital ecosystem within the healthcare arena?
  • How will new technologies influence our clients’ future offerings?
  • Which medical services will play a crucial role in the future?


Whether we’re developing a holistic strategic picture for the future of healthcare, finding the best approach for go-to-market and regional processes, or streamlining operational processes along the complete value chain, we’re supporting healthcare businesses across the world. And with large parts of the business in the US and China, our Client Service Team has a truly international feel.


From strategy (e.g., future healthcare), portfolio innovation (e.g., healthcare digital ecosystem) and growth in specific product areas, to go-to-market, operational excellence and efficiency, we’re finding answers to questions affecting the whole healthcare industry.

Our expertise

Hone your expertise in our practices

A big part of our role involves developing new consulting methodologies and expertise, and building upon existing practices and knowledge.


Our main goal is to drive excellence and deliver world-class solutions, and we treat every project as an opportunity to learn and innovate, taking what has worked well and using it to drive the company forward.


We develop sophisticated methods and tools that enrich the information available to us. This gives us a comprehensive foundation for making decisions and for speeding up and simplifying the process for future strategies.


We use our expertise to offer an outside-in, transparent approach, and an internal overview of each and every project. From here we can help to define the way forward and to prepare decisions that drive implementation.


Discover how we use our expertise to approach the questions of tomorrow.

  • What sales push activities and/or capture plans might close the gap between identifiable sales opportunities and growth targets?
  • How can we ensure efficient sales setups and processes, with professional account management?
  • What’s the best way to manage important customers across the globe, ensuring close relationships and intimate knowledge of their businesses?


We support top-line growth and define growth strategies for Siemens businesses, using analysis of market segments, profit pools and competitors to achieve revenue growth targets or improve market share. 


We facilitate growth through distribution management and effective channel management, optimizing routes to end customers based on their specific needs, to increase sales volume, market share and EBIT.


Our projects act as a catalyst for growth and innovation. We develop new business models to meet the current and future needs of the business and translate them into business plans. This goes hand in hand with our digitalization projects, which lead to the creation of new business approaches.


  • What are the requirements of different layers of digitalization, including data platforms, applications and services within a specific business?
  • How do vertical software and enterprise software influence the traditional business offering?
  • How big is a region’s digitalization market and which entry strategies are appropriate?


Using everything from business models and sales approaches to product management definition, setup refinements and capabilities buildup, we are helping to build a holistic landscape of digitalization – a fine example being our role in the development of Siemens MindSphere.


We investigate whether big data methods are applicable to key business processes, in order to improve global transparency and increase efficiency, and our Digitalization practice goes hand in hand with the latest trends analysis of Energy 4.0 or Industry 4.0. 


Building upon existing approaches, we spearhead the development of digital focus areas, setting out a future vision and a path to get there. In fact, one of our recent projects was to identify the portfolio and go-to-market requirements for new digitalization offerings in the industry arena.


  • What’s the best way to screen, select and evaluate potential targets for an aspired business acquisition objective?
  • What holistic approach can we take to integrate the business and functional sides in different regions?
  • How do we achieve a smooth transition into the future state of an organization, right up to the day it goes live?


From target identification to integration and synergy realization, we use our expertise to navigate the M&A process, driving transactions and adding maximum value.


We provide professional program office management based on structured integration concepts that work across all business and support functions. And we identify value drivers and generate synergy measures during moderated workshops.


Together, we achieve significant business growth, technology leadership, cost leadership and capability excellence in the acquisition of external companies. Recent projects include the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Energy, Dresser-Rand Oil + Gas and Mentor Graphics.


  • What are the needs of different national governments and how are they interlinked?
  • From national governments and global organizations to local municipalities and start-ups, which stakeholders need to be considered within multinational projects?
  • How can Siemens contribute toward improving quality of life, sustainability and education?


Siemens has a strong reputation for being socially responsible. At SMC, we define the instruments and initiatives that will strengthen its role and position in governmental and social relations.


What’s more, we use our “business to society” approach to develop effective ways of implementing Siemens’ business strategy – starting with the home country, then rolling it out to other regions.


We support Siemens in structuring and leading its multinational projects, initiatives and megadeals, including the Egypt Megaproject. Our strategic concepts and solutions contribute to higher levels of education, efficient energy distribution and enhanced infrastructure, across the world. 


  • What is the future picture across all Siemens businesses in the specific country and/or region?
  • What regional trends will have the biggest influence on Siemens businesses?
  • What will the future size of different market segments be and what are the respective go-to-market approaches and portfolio requirements?


By taking into account the external and internal views of the business, our state-of-the-art methodologies develop sustainable business strategies across the world.


Working from our offices in Munich, Beijing and Mumbai, our teams help to define future strategy and positioning across Siemens’ entire business in some of the biggest and most promising regional markets in the world, including China, India and the Middle East.


A typical country strategy project involves setting out a 10- to 20-year strategy, taking into account political, economic and social forecasts. Alongside this, we develop concrete opportunities and long-term programs to help regional companies achieve their vision for the future. 


  • Which best practices can be adapted or directly applied to the business?
  • What strategic options are there for the business going forward?
  • How can we use best practices to enhance existing approaches to go-to-market, portfolio, footprint and efficiency?


We use best practices to give Siemens a competitive advantage, developing an implementation program with improvement measures and clearly defined targets to drive the company forward.


To lay the foundations for new ideas and thinking, we use a full range of quantitative approaches (EBIT bridge calculation, scenario simulations) and qualitative approaches (expert interviews, roundtables and workshops) to analyze the market, giving a clear view of the competitor landscape and market trends.


In some instances, we collaborate with other companies to share our approaches and establish the best-of-best view.


Our mission

Lead the next wave of disruption

Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) is the global management consultancy for one of the world’s most innovative engineering and technology companies and its customers. Our mission is to inspire and transform businesses and launch talent into management roles.


Shape businesses and connect cultures

What we do

With a global presence and headquarters in Munich, we work in international teams to solve our clients’ most significant business challenges worldwide: pioneering the future of mobility, bringing smart manufacturing and infrastructure to life, shaping the digitalization of healthcare, or developing tomorrow’s decentralized energy solutions. We offer our strategic expertise applying methodologies in the field of digital transformation strategies, growth & innovation, M&A, and benchmarking. Furthermore, we put our operational know-how into practice, when it comes to manufacturing, supply chain management, agile development, customer value co-creation, and business model innovation. Thus, we deliver high-impact results that help our clients gain a long-term competitive advantage.


The difference our thinking makes

We’re an independent global management consultancy with more than 20 years of experience. We have been expanding our service from strategy to operations in order to deliver comprehensive consulting solutions. In addition, our proven expertise forms the cornerstone of our clients’ digital transformation. Our clients comprise Siemens businesses as well as Siemens customers from the various industries we are operating in. Our in-depth knowledge of Siemens-related verticals (such as energy, digital industry, smart infrastructure, healthcare, or mobility) enables us to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and design effective, sustainable solutions and strategies. We’re in the unique position to witness the real-world impact of our thinking. For us, a project is only a success when it leads to lasting improvement for our clients.

Our stories

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Meet the thinkers and makers helping businesses worldwide to build a successful future. Experience personal stories from gifted SMC newcomers, inspirational leaders and successful SMC alumni.


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Do you have a question about working with SMC? You’ll find all the information you need below.

Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) is the top management strategy consultancy for one of the world’s most innovative engineering and technology companies. Our mission is to inspire and transform Siemens businesses worldwide and launch talent into senior management roles.


With offices in Beijing, Mumbai, Munich and Orlando, we work in international teams to solve our clients’ most significant business challenges worldwide – pioneering the future of mobility, bringing smart manufacturing to life, or developing tomorrow’s decentralized energy solutions. Applying our strategic expertise in fields like growth & innovation, digitalization, and M&A, we deliver high-impact results that help our clients gain a long-term competitive advantage.


We’re an independent strategy consultancy that’s proud to have been an integral part of Siemens for more than 20 years. Our in-depth knowledge of Siemens’ industries enables us to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and design effective, sustainable strategies. We’re in the unique position to witness the real-world impact of our thinking. For us, a project is only a success when we see it affect lasting change.


Our scope includes all the focus areas you’d expect to see at a top-level management strategy consultancy, including growth & innovation, digitalization, M&A, government & society, regional strategy and benchmarking.


Our Consultants work across everything from power generation and distribution to mobility, industry automation and healthcare. This means they get to know the company from a range of different perspectives, gaining experience across the whole spectrum of Siemens’ business. Together, we deliver high-impact results that help our clients gain long-term competitive advantage.


With four offices in Munich, Beijing, Mumbai and Orlando, and a global client base, there are opportunities to apply your expertise in almost every country in the world.


We take an international approach to projects, and colleagues from the Munich office, for example, will work on projects in China, and vice versa. Our global pool of skills and experience allows us to create international solutions to some of today’s most complex challenges.


Consulting takes place on site at Siemens’ premises, so an SMC project could take you anywhere in the world. In fact, every third project is located abroad.


If you’re working on a domestic project, you’ll spend Monday to Thursday in the team room, and Friday at your local SMC office. For a project based in the same continent, you’ll spend four days and three nights a week at your client’s premises, and the fifth day at your local SMC office. And for projects in a different continent entirely, you’ll have the opportunity to fly home at regular intervals.


If you’re looking for a world of opportunities, SMC is for you.




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