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Today, it is commonplace to complete one or more internships during the course of your studies.

Internships at Siemens Management Consulting offer students the opportunity to acquire practical experience in a leading strategy consultancy. During your internship at SMC, you will work self-contained as part of a team on a consultancy project, learn to develop solutions to real-life issues faced by our businesses and make valuable contacts for your professional future.

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After completing your internship, in our Munich office, you have the opportunity of being selected to become part of our intern retention program "SMC. Next Generation." To be chosen for this program, you must demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment and outstanding performance during your time at Siemens Management Consulting. As a member of our intern retention program, you will be optimally prepared for a career start at Siemens Management Consulting thanks to individually tailored training opportunities, your own personal mentor and numerous networking opportunities.

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We would like to invite you to learn more about our internship program.

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”I didn't know exactly what to expect. But in hindsight I can say that the internship was one of the best things in my career so far.“

Dominik Knoblich

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"The most important piece of advice I can give is this: The interview isn't a one-way street. You need to find out whether SMC is a good fit for you too." (Arne Kleines)

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"Only when you’re authentic can both parties decide at the end of the day whether you fit with the company." (Theresa Hollerith)

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"An intern at SMC is a full and equal member of the project team." (Claus Buckert)

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“At SMC I gained insights into many different areas and could develop continuously.” (Jan Bredlich)

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Consultancy internships

Consultancy internships are offered through our Munich office. You should have completed your fourth Bachelor semester at a university and be available for three months. In addition you have the possibility to start an internship at SMC during, between or following the completion of your Master's degree – provided, that you are planning subsequent studies (master or PhD programme).

For your internship you will work on a consulting project in Germany or in other locations in Europe. You will work on site at our client’s locations, take part in our internal training courses, and will be responsible for specific project tasks, such as analyzing markets, industries, and competitors. Your duties will also include conducting client interviews, and preparing workshops and top management presentations.

You will be assigned a personal mentor who will be responsible for providing feedback, coaching and support in all areas.

If you are deemed to be among our best interns and complete your studies within 18 months of finishing your internship, we will offer you a position at SMC as a consultant.

Non-Consulting internships

In addition to our consulting internships, we also offer internships in non-consultancy roles. For these internships, applicants are also required to have completed the fourth semester of their bachelor’s degree at a university.

A Non-Consulting Internship may appeal to you if you are interested in finance & administration, knowledge base, recruiting & people development, or training and event management.

Finance & Administration Internship
Roles in Finance & Administration include planning, reporting, and controlling for our worldwide operational business. Your duties will include providing support for international consulting projects and ensuring compliance with Siemens regulations.

Knowledge Base Internship
The Knowledge Base team supports SMC consultants in their daily project activities by conducting external research and collecting and processing internal SMC knowledge.

Recruiting & People Development Internship
The Recruiting & People Development Team supports SMC consultants, project managers, vice presidents and staff regarding all professional and personal development matters.

Training & Event Management Internship
Training and Event Management provides training programs for SMC employees at all tenure levels. This department is also responsible for organizing all major SMC events, such as international retreats.

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